Friday, July 25, 2008

A New Beginning

Many visitors to this site may once have been members of Tosif Trekking International Inc. on facebook, and as such were wondering what actually happened to our fearless travellers in the remotest regions of North India. (for photos, check out the photo link on the right)

Well, the truth is often hard to swallow. What is even more difficult to swallow than the truth, is a fully grown human being, but unfortunately this was to be the fate of one of our fearless adventurers, as Shidan was imbibed by the rare and endangered Kashmiri Mountain Elk, a ferocious creature. (for the more gullible among you, this is a joke, Shidan had to go back to work saving the children of Melbourne from rotavirus.)

However, fear not! For Tosif Trekking International Inc. (TTI Inc) moves into the future with greater adventures and more ambitious goals than ever before! As the sole remaining member of TTI Inc, I will be embarking on a solo bicycle voyage from India to Europe, over approximately 5 months and covering about 9,000km.

When possible, I'll use this blog to post updates and pictures along the way, and hopefully in this way I can share a little of the adventure with you.